Over the past three decades, holiday weddings have become a major cultural and commercial phenomenon, and the spectacular village of Lindos, on the enchanting island of Rhodes, has become one of the best known and most popular wedding locations in the world. Changing times and tastes as well as the increasing interest in Lindos have created a need for new wedding venues.

Lindos Weddings Venue offers an attractive and easily accessible new wedding site which meets the requirements and fulfils the wishes of an increasingly discerning and demanding wedding clientele.

Situated on the sandy main Lindos beach,Lindos Weddings Venue is overlooked by the towering Acropolis and charming village of Lindos. The venue offers excellent views of sheltered Lindos Bay. There is easy access by road, sea, and paths into the village. Parking space is available along the main beach road.

Lindos Weddings Venue is flat and spacious, with wooden walkways. Weddings take place on a decorated wooden platform which can accommodate the bridal party and guests. This ensures exclusivity as well as enhanced views of the area.

Expertly catered on-site receptions with buffet-style barbeque are also available. This bayside location combines elements of history, culture, landscape, and beach life to create the perfect venue for such a special occasion.




Our site is located at the main beach of Lindos, inside the Summer Paradise complex.

About rhodes

Throughout the ages, the magical island of Rhodes has entranced visitors, many of whom have returned and remained.  In modern Rhodes, one can still find reflections and echoes of past cultures and eras, from ancient Greek to Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, Crusader, Ottoman and Italian. Rhodes is now very much a part of modern Europe, but tradition and custom are honoured and observed. Rhodes has always been multicultural!


About Lindos

The lovely village of Lindos is one of the most attractive and beautiful villages of Rhodes located south of the capital.

Lindos stands out for its fabulous location beautiful on the slopes of the hill at the top of which lies the ancient acropolis overlooking the picturesque bay.